Cameron Ritter

I Believe in You!

5'10 inches
200 lbs. lbs.


About Cameron

I am passionate in helping others achieve their goals. I bring an educated approach to weight training to every training session. I try my best to inform my clients on the "why" of the exercises they are performing so that they can develop lasting habits and learn to someday train on their own if they so choose.


B.S. Kinesiology - NASM CPT - NESTA CPT - IFA Sports Nutritionist


Rapid Fat Loss - Increase Strength and Power - Look and Feel your best


How quickly can I expect results? You will notice a difference in 4 weeks, your family and close friends will notice in 8, and everyone else will be wondering how you made such an incredible transformation in 12 weeks! How often do I need to train to see results? For most people looking for realistic results, 2-3 days per week will be enough. Training 1 time per week with a trainer isn't enough to see results How much does a training session cost? First session is always FREE. Then, depending on how many sessions/week are purchased the price can range from $40-$70 for my services. What is included in a training package? A training package is much more than just the sessions you will train with me. I will write a custom meal plan and update it every 2 weeks to make sure continuous progress is made. I also write "off day" workouts and cardio prescriptions for you to do on the days we don't train together. You will also receive a list of recommended supplements tailored to your goal. How can I get started? Send an email to