Logan thompson

Legit Fitness and Nutrition

69 inches
180 lbs.


About Logan

I opened up Precision Fitness and Spa with my partners in Oct of 2014. I was instrumental in helping it to be one of the top Personal Training and Nutrition facilities in the St Louis area. With my "Never Quit" attitude I am able to help clients achieve goals they thought would never be attainable in one year, much less in 12 weeks. If your looking for weight loss, weight gain or just to live a healthier lifestyle then I am your guy! I am an US Army Veteran, so if your looking to join an Armed Service but think you can't pass the Physical Fitness test then sign up for my 8 week Pre-Basic training Course and I guarantee you will pass with time to spare in each event. I look forward to working with you and achieving all of your fitness and nutrition goals!!


ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer Adult, Child , Infant CPR / AED Certified


Weight Loss Weight Gain Nutrition Coach Pre Basic Training Training Course